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Amazing Coke or Pepsi?

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Just when you thought you knew all your friends pretty well, Amazing Coke or Pepsi? hits the shelves! Pass it around and let each friend answer a set of super cool questions. Or, ask them the questions yourself and fill in the blanks. Try to guess how they’ll answer. You’ll probably be surprised! Are you soul sisters with your besties or are you total opposites? Forget what’s your favorite color! Instead, have fun with – Song you always get up and dance to? Celeb you would love as your other bff? Who has it easier – girls or boys? Something you love that most people hate? Movie you could watch again and again? Fictional place you’d like to visit? From simple questions like crinkle cut versus shoestring fries to deeper ones like what’s your biggest question about life, of all your friends. Amazing Coke or Pepsi? is the most unique way to peek into the heart and soul of all your friends.