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Camo Digital Safe

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Features an electronic push button keypad. Punch in th default passcode turn the knob and viola, you're in! Fully customizable passcode so you can set your own secret code and unlike combination lock safes, if you forget it, you can always reset it! Once you enter your secret passcode correctly, the light will flash green and you will hear a happy tune. When you turn the knob and open your vault door, it will make a creaking sound letting you know the door is open. Once open, the bank will beep every 20 seconds letting you know the door is still open. If you enter the code incorrectly, the light will flash red, it will say "Uh, oh!", and you will have to try again. Measuring at 7x5x4.25 inches, this toy bank safe is big enough to keep all of your camper's important stuff.  Batteries included.