LED Dual Hanging Worklight
Article code 9SK1
<p>Hook it, Hold it, Stick it!  The dual worklight includes 30 LED Worklights on the side and 7 LED lights on the front.  We LOVE this flashlight.  Great for boys and girls.  Super bright.</p>
LED Side Light
Article code 8SK2
<p>Flashlight has 2 modes - a bright side-light and super-bright long-distance light. Batteries included.</p>
Utility Flashlight/Lantern
Article code 7BG2
This flashlight/lantern is both a LED COB work light and a telescopic flashlight. The COB (Circuit on Board) technology shines bright at 118 lumens, and the LED flashlight shines 87 lumens. The telescopic flashlight bends up to 90 degrees and can be rotat
Survival Lantern
Article code TOY004
<p>We love this sturdy little hands-free light for all kinds of nocturnal activities. The head swivels to adjust the bean up or down. Includes a convenient hook for hanging, easy-grip base with a non-slip texture, and long-life LEDs. 3 AA Batteries (not i
Pop-Up Lantern
Article code 7LE1
<p>This little light packs a big punch. Nice and bright and cool looking too!</p>
Party Light
Article code 8SK8
<p>Your camper will be the hit of the bunk with this colorful party light. Batteries included.</p>
Laser Flashlight
Article code 8SK5
<p>Your camper will love this multifunction flashlight. Functions as a regular flashlight, a green LED light and a fun laser! Batteries included.</p>
Mega Bright Light
Article code 8SK7
<p>This great light is exactly what your camper needs to keep his area illuminated. Light can hang or stand. Batteries included.</p>
Pop Up Flickering LED Flashlight Lantern
Article code 9SHW1
<p>Portable Fire and Light</p><p>A really handy, collapsible, dual-mode, battery-operated lantern. And...it's also a magic trick!  Open it once and its 80-lumen LEDs glow bright-white, constant-on. Close it and pull it open again, and the light is an ambe
Utility Lantern
Article code 8SK4
<p>This rugged utility flashlight has a swiveling head. Batteries included. A great light for your camper to use to accomplish their summer reading!</p>
Megabrite Flashlight/Lantern
Article code 7BG1
This flashlight/lantern is a must have for camp!
Pink Floating LED Flashlight
Article code 15DOR1
<p>A super bright LED flashlight for your camper. Batteries included.</p>
Purple Floating LED Flashlight
Article code 15DOR2
<p>A super bright LED flashlight for your camper. Batteries included.</p>
Lime Floating LED Flashlight
Article code 15DOR4
<p>A super bright LED flashlight for your camper. Batteries included.</p>