Girls Clothing

Original Glitter Camp Name Fuzzy Shorts
Article code 14MLK2
Super soft fuzzy shorts with YOUR camp name on them. , these run a little large!
Shiny Star Sweatpants
Article code 2DB6
Customize these cozy sweatpants with your camp name and camp colors!
Blingy Friendship Bracelets
Article code 9BTB1
<p>Customize your very own bracelet!  Designs and colors vary.  Our fave new bracelet for this year!</p>
Camp Tile Bracelet
Article code 9JQ8
Customize this bright beaded bracelet with your camp name or bunk name!
Loveadelic Tank
Article code 2LK4
OMG this Loveadelic tank is super soft and perfect for camp. Customize with your camp name and colors.
Striped Star Cozy Hoodie
Article code 9SPS6
<p>We love this super cozy cropped hooded sweatshirt.  Great for even the more mature older campers.  The accent colors change to match your camp colors.</p>
Neon Repeating Camp Tank
Article code 9AW104
This is a wonderful product. For more information, give us a call at (973) 535-0602. We hope to hear from you with any questions (we love chatting!)
Tie Dye Dripping Lips Cropped Shirt
Article code 2DB1
This amazing tie dyed cropped t-shirt can be made in your camp colors! Choose from red, green or blue and we will have the dripping lips be the coordinating camp color.
Camp Is the Answer Sleeveless Shirt
Article code 2CT61
Rock your camp spirit with this super soft sleeveless shirt. Available in black or white - this is the camp shirt not to be missed!
Camp Jogger 2.0
Article code 9MG7
<p>Cozy joggers for your camper.</p>
Mushy Varsity Letters Grunge Shirt
Article code 8SPS2
<p>Your camper can cozy up in this great mushy long sleeve shirt. Color of letters changes to match your camp colors.</p>
New Camo Fuzzy Shorts
Article code 8PW89
<p>We love these super soft fuzzy shorts!</p>
Grunge Stars Fuzzy Pants
Article code 8PW316
We love these super soft fuzzy pants!
Penelope Wildberry
Grunge Stars Fuzzy Pants
Original Glitter Camp Name Fuzzy Hoodie
Article code 15AM26
We love these super roomy and comfy camp name hoodies. We can customize them with your camp name in glitter. Note that camps which have gold in them (i.e. Chen-A-Wanda, Bryn Mawr) will come with gold glitter.
Love Heart Glitter Flannels
Article code 2LK12
Super cute flannel pants with your camp name on them!
Squad Lounge Pants
Article code 8LK5
<p>Your camper will love these adorable flannel PJ pants with all of their camp sayings on them. We will customize the pants to match your camp words and camp colors. Note that these pants tend to shrink in the wash, so you may want to order a size up (pl
Shiny Star Sleeveless Shirt
Article code 2DB4
Customize this distressed sleeveless shirt with your camp name and camp colors!
Denim Star Fuzzy Pants
Article code 9PW110
This is a wonderful product. For more information, give us a call at (973) 535-0602. We hope to hear from you with any questions (we love chatting!)
Retro Layered Glitter Sleeveless Shirt
Article code 9AW1
<p>Customize this shirt with your camp name. Great for day campers too!</p>
Wordsy Zip Up Sweatshirt
Article code 6BLK1
Create your own one-of-a-kind super soft sweatshirt. A perfect gift for any second, third or fourth year camper who loves camp and wants to wear all of her favorite camp days! Since this item is totally custom, make sure to include all the words your camp
Camp Retro Vintage Initial Tee
Article code 2MN1
This customized camp t-shirt can be made with any camp initials. Choose 2-4 letters and tell us your two camp colors. We will make this shirt perfectly retro and cool for your camper! For boys and girls!
Airbrushed Sweets Sweatpants
Article code 14MR6
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Besties Fuzzy Romper
Article code 8MLK1
<p>Decorate your camper's bed with this adorable pillow!</p>
Peace Love Camp Fuzzy Pants
Article code 8PW92
<p>We love these super soft fuzzy pants!</p>