Meet our amazing team of camp experts!

WOW- We have put together a group of truly wonderful and knowledgeable camp moms to help guide you through the camp shopping experience. Our goal is to make that first year, when you are (a little) overwhelmed and (a lot) nervous, as stress-free as possible.  We are confident that our team of moms will get you set up with everything you need and nothing you don't because they know the ins and outs of your camp.  Don't see an expert from your camp?  Don't worry, we have been doing this for years and we can still help guide you through it all.  

Book an appointment online or give us a call (973) 535-0602.

Buyer & Camp Expert
Abbie grew up in Cleveland and spent many wonderful summers away at camp. She can't wait to show you all things cool for camp!
Equinunk & Blue Ridge Expert
This is Meredith's 5th season helping campers "get ready" at Bee Bee. She has 2 kids who have attended Camps Blue RIdge and Equinunk.
Point O'Pines Expert
Not only did Lauren attend POP as a camper, she now sends her daughter to her summer home!

Starlight Expert
Rebecca has two kids at Starlight now! She is excited to answer any questions you have and get your organized for summer!
Camp Lokanda Expert
Loren loves ALL things camp and her daughter is returning to Lokanda for her second year.

Camp Pontiac Expert
Sari's daughter is excitedly returning for her second summer to Camp Pontiac. Sari looks forward to sharing her knowledge with you!
Chen-A-Wanda Expert
Danielle's son and daughter are long-time Chenny campers! She is super-duper organized and can show you the ropes!
Canadensis Expert
Lauren's son and daughter are both returning Canadensis campers. She is super organized is excited to help get you camp-ready!
Lindenmere Expert
Lauren loves camp and has a daughter starting at Lindenmere this summer. She looks forward to working with you!
Camp Vega Expert
Corinne has two daughters at Vega and can't wait to get your girls Vega-ready!

Tyler Hill Expert
Hayley has a son in his 3rd year at THC and her daughter is starting this summer. She can't wait to shop with you & show you the ropes!
Timber Lake Expert
Jenna spent 6 summers at TLC as a camper and now sends both of her daughters there. She lives 10 for 2!

LBMC + Camp Winadu Expert
Nancy has a daughter returning to Lake Bryn Mawr Camp and a son returning to Camp Winadu. She knows the ins & out of both camps!
Nock-A-Mixon Expert
Vicky has 2 boys at NAM and is excited to get your camper ready for this summer.

Camp Taconic Expert
Shira is a lifelong camper who loved her summers away. She now sends her two older kids to Camp Taconic and will give you the scoop.
Camp IHC Expert
Sara is a lifelong camper who has instilled her love of camp upon her daughters. Her oldest daughter is returning to Camp IHC this summer.
Towanda Expert
Jessica has a passion for camp that began when she was a child.  She has 2 girls at Towanda, one fourth year camper & another beginning.
Camp Expert Hostess
Contact Leslee to make a camp appointment at her home. She will have 3 boys at Pine Forest this year and will show you the coolest gear!
Camp Expert Hostess
Visit Ali at her home to check out our cool camp gear in-person. Ali has two daughters at Marimeta and is a Robindel alumna!
Bryn Mawr & Winadu Expert
Ricki loves camp so much that she works as a camp advisor, helping families find the perfect camp.

Camp Expert
Katie can't wait to share her love of camp with all of Texas & beyond. Camp Vega is her family's home away from home.
Camp Expert
Annie spent 10 summers at Camp Tevya and now sends her three kids there. She is excited to work with you!

Camp Expert
Jackie resides in Vienna, Virginia and looks forward to helping you get set up for sleepaway camp. Two of her kids go to Nah-Jee-Wah.