Hiyeee - Please check out the shipping times on each product. All orders ship complete (translation: your order will ship when the last item arrives).

Hiyeee - Please check out the shipping times on each product. All orders ship complete (translation: your order will ship when the last item arrives).

OMG my kid is going to camp!

Camp Trunks

  1. How many camp trunks am I supposed to get?

Answer: The short answer is two camp trunks.  It really does not matter if it is a two or seven week camp or anything in between.  Your camper is still bringing all of the same stuff (they are just doing more laundry the longer they are at camp).  One camp trunk will fit all of your camper’s bedding like their comforter, sheets, throw blanket, pillows, egg crate, mattress pad as well things like a sleeping bag, towels, etc.  The other camp trunk will be for clothes, sporting equipment, essentials like fan, flashlights, water bottles, etc. 

  1. What size camp trunks am I supposed to get?

Answer: The majority of our campers get two of the 52” camp trunks.  Is it possible to fit everything into two 42” camp trunks, yes but there is also a chance you may need more room.  Girls often tend to bring more and bulkier items so for girl campers we recommend erroring on the side of larger camp trunks.  One 52” camp trunk and one 42” camp trunk is typically a safe bet but you cannot go wrong with two 52” camp trunks (you just may have a little extra room).  If you are flying with your camp trunks, please confirm with your airline what the baggage size limits are. 

  1. Do you take camp trunks back if they get damaged?

Answer: Our camp trunks are the best camp trunks out there.  They were voted #1 camp trunk, in fact.  They are 1800 denier nylon count.  The manufacturer stands by them and if there is ever a manufacturing defect, we are happy to replace your camp trunk.  We cannot unfortunately be responsible for wear and tear damages to camp trunks.  If your camp trunk is torn at the bottom, that is likely because it was dragged across gravel or pavement.  When handled properly and carried (we know they can be heavy but dragging is never the correct way to transport a heavy bag), these camp trunks can literally last through college!  Btw… these camp trunks are great as college trunks as well!       4. Do I need to get my camp trunk embroidered?Answer: There is definitely no need but almost all of our customers get some type of embroidery on their camp trunks.  The camp trunks end up getting stored away so the embroidered name is not necessarily put to such use but it is fun and looks nice.  It will help counselors identify your camp trunk but, regardless of whether your trunk is embroidered, you definitely want to put a luggage tag on your camp trunk.  The luggage tag will be the true identifier of your camp trunk.  With all that said, the embroidery is pretty awesome! Bedding

  1. What camp sheets do I get – cot or twin?

Answer: Packing lists may specify one or the other.  We always recommend twin simply because you can’t go wrong with a touch bigger.  You can always tuck in.  If the camp sheets are too small though… that could be a problem because they don’t fit around the mattress.  Twin camp sheets are only ever so slightly bigger than cot camp sheets so you’ll likely be fine with either.  If your camper is using a bed bug protector, an egg crate, memory foam and/or a mattress pad, we highly recommend going with the twin camp sheets in order to have that extra room to get over the base of the bed.  Please note, our tie dye sheets only come in twin size.

  1. How many camp sheet sets do I pack?

Answer: Most lists will tell you to bring two or three sets of camp sheets.  If your list doesn’t say… it’s really up to you!  Two is usually sufficient but many parents prefer three.

  1. Do I need to make sure all of my camper’s bedding matches?

Answer: Totally up to you.  About half of the parents make sure to be matchy matchy with their camp bedding while the other half are okay with a mish mosh of designs and colors. 

  1. Do I need a mattress pad, egg crate and bed bug cover?

Answer: These are not necessities but many campers take them.  The bed bug cover is like a glove for the mattress that stays on all summer can protects the bed.  The egg crate goes on after that and the mattress pad holds the egg crate in place.  The egg crate and the mattress pad are more for some extra comfort on those camp beds.

  1. How many camp sheets come in a camp sheet set?

Answer: Tye Dye – 2 pieces (pillow case and fitted sheet)              All Others – 3 pieces (pillow case, fitted and flat sheet).  Most of the camp sheets that come in 3 piece sets are also available in 2 piece sets upon request.Chairs

  1. Does my camper really need a camp chair? What for?

Answer: Very few camps require a camp chair but at most camps the campers bring a camp chair.  They bring them to the flag pole in the morning.  They bring them to camp fires.  They sit on them outside the bunk.  The camp chairs really do come in handy. 

  1. Is any one camp chair more popular than the other?

Answer:  It is pretty much 50/50 as to the ground chair vs. the Crazy Creek chair.  The Crazy Creek is a little easier to carry but less comfortable.  The ground camp chair also offers more customization options with airbrushing rather than just embroidery.  Both are great camp chairs and look awesome!  The director’s chair style is a third option for a camp chair but it is not as popular as the Crazy Creek or ground chair.Color War

  1. How did I know which color to buy for color war if I don’t know which team my kid is on?

Answer: Parents send their kids to camp with swag for both colors for color war.  When color war breaks out at camp everyone in the bunk trades fun items with each other.  Unfortunately if you wait until color breaks there is usually not enough time to get items to your camper before color war end – that is, if you camp even allows packages.Stationery +

  1. How many packs of stationery should I send my camper with?

Answer: Parents get anywhere from 5 to 15 packs of stationery.  Somewhere in the middle is probably best.  The campers trade stationery at camp similar to how they trade stickers.

  • Typically parents will send their camper with 2 or 3 personalized notecard packs and 3 or 4 generic packs.
  1. How many address labels should I send my camper with – 30, 60 or 90?

Answer: Most of our parents go with the 60 or 90.  The parents will usually keep 30 to use as their address label to send to their camper at camp.

  1. Do I need a 7-pocket file? Can’t they put everything into their clipboard?

Answer: You do not need a 7-pocket file.  They are just nice to stay organized.  We usually suggest the clipboard to hold extra stationery and pens.  The 7-pocket file is good to keep your camper’s stamps, envelopes, return address labels, stationery, etc… all organized.

  1. Do I need a lapdesk and a clipboard?

Answer: No… but some prefer and want the lapdesk to write on in their bed over the clipboard which sometimes goes outside, etc.

  1. Where does my camper keep his/her letters we send from home?

Answer: While your camper can throw them into their clipboards or even possibly their 7-Pocket file, we do have a file folder that comes customized that we dedicate to holding the mail from home!

  1. What are the Calling Cards?

Answer: These are basically a fun business card for the kids.  They can be used in two ways.  Either the camper can put their camp info on the calling card in order to give them to their friends at home to say “write me over the summer”.  Or they can put their home info on the card to tell their camp friends “keep in touch.” Lock-Box

  1. Why does my camper need a lockbox? What are they locking up?  Can’t someone just walk away with the whole lock box?

Answer: The lockboxes end up being more for storage rather than actually “locking” anything up.  There are a few more expensive items campers bring with them (i.e. beats headphones, music devices, etc.) and the lockbox is a good place to store these items.  Campers also like storing more personal items in the lockbox as well.  And, yes, anyone could walk away with the lockbox – although that typically does not happen.  You don’t really “need” a camp lockbox but most campers do bring one.  The mini trunks are the most popular camp lockboxes but any of the sizes will work. 

  1. How do they lock?

Answer: Some of the camp lockboxes have keys and some have a built-in code.  For the mini trunks, we suggest buying the small lock that has a code on it.  It is small enough to fit in the loop on the mini trunk.  This way your camper doesn’t have to worry about losing the key.