It's a great time to schedule your camp appointment!

It's a great time to schedule your camp appointment!

Timing of Custom Orders

I placed my order.  When do I get my awesome camp gear?

Our promise to you is that you will have everything in time for camp!  Certain items arrive within a few days after ordering and other personalized items can take much longer.   We will wait until everything that you ordered has arrived and then we will contact you or ship to you.  You are always welcome to pick up items from the store whenever you would like.  We are happy to partial ship orders as well.  Please note an extra shipping charge will apply to partially shipped orders.

Certain personalized manufacturing is done in batches rather than on a rolling basis.  So it is possible an order placed after you may be completed first.  This is often the case with airbrushing.  Airbrushing typically takes the longest amount of time to complete - especially if the artwork has a lot of detail.  

You are welcome to call and check in on your order at any time and as often as you would like.  We are happy to tell you the status.  As far as timing of when an order will be completed though, we can guarantee that they will arrive in time for camp but beyond that we can only give rough estimates.